• Signed Waiver is required

  • No Coolers of any kind are allowed

  • Socks are required for all Jumping guests

  • Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their own children

  • Guest are expected to be courteous to other jumpers

  • No jewelry, shoes, or sharp objects

  • All Slides:
  • No Jumping off or on top of the inflatables
  • No Flipping, Rolling down, or Sliding down on feet
  • No climbing up slide
  • Once you slide you must exit immediately
  • Do not slide until the slide is clear
  • No sliding down between the stairs or slides

  • No Gum, Food, or Drinks on or in the Inflatables

  • No Wrestling, Pushing, or Rough-Play

  • No group Piles (climbing on top of each other)

  • No Jumping over the side of the inflatables

  • Parents can assist their children on & off the inflatables. Adults can sit in an inflatable to be near their children, but can not bounce if there are other children in the inflatable.

  • No Grabbing the net

  • No running

  • No going behind the inflatables

  • Report anyone not following the rules



Monkey Rules